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CLI Group, LLC

We provide services to building owners, property managers, builders, homeowners and the legal community. Our services range from simple walk-through examinations of buildings and homes to extensive investigations and research relating to building science, forensics, engineering, construction failures, moisture issues, waterproofing, indoor air quality, building codes & ventilation. Our services include entire buildings or specialty areas including roofs, waterproofing, HVAC systems, building envelope, combustion analysis, pressure diagnostics, indoor air quality, Energy Star ratings & preliminary evaluations and energy audits.

C.L.I. Group, LLC evaluates each building by looking at the building as a whole system. Buildings are made up of many integral components which operate as a whole to make buildings safe, energy efficient and comfortable for the occupants. We evaluate each building and building component with this in mind. All too often, contractors & sub-contractors, inspectors and others overlook this fact with less than satisfactory results. For example, updating an older building by adding insulation, new windows, adding walls, etc. may create new problems such as depleting needed combustion air, changing building pressures and causing combustion gases to backdraft into the building. Changing building pressures and/or natural infiltration rates can also lead to inadequate fresh air ventilation, indoor air quality issues, moisture and condensation issues and other conditions which should be understood when undertaking such modifications. The same is true in commercial buildings. Is the building being used as it was originally designed? Have modifications been made such a splitting large, open areas into offices? Was the HVAC system updated and balanced to accommodate any such changes? These factors can all affect  the building and the occupants of the building and should be evaluated during renovations.

Please look around our site to see the many beneficial services that CLI Group offers. In many cases, an independent evaluation by a qualified professional could save you thousands of dollars in unneeded repair or replacement costs. This is especially true if you are experiencing water problems in your home or building. There may be a less costly solution to your problem than those being proposed by a contractor. Of course, a contractor has no interest in making you aware of less costly options. There may be cases where the contractor is not proposing a less costly solution because they simply do not know. Being an independent consulting company, CLI Group stays on top of new materials and methodologies which others may be unaware of.

If you are considering the LEED program for your next building project, our team of professionals can help you through the complicated process. We have acted as both a LEED consulting firm to contractors and been contracted as the commissiong authority on projects. Several of our recent LEED projects include two LEED Certifications at NASA, a LEED Gold Certification for City of Oberlin, The Timken Companies recent multi-million dollar expansion and Cogswell Hall Womens Shelter.  

Mission Statement

To provide services to our clients which create safe, efficient and environmentally friendly buildings. We use the latest technology to evaluate, investigate and report on the conditions present in the buildings we evaluate. Paying attention to building behavior can allow for the technician to diagnose problems or defective components in the building and make repair recommendations based on fact rather than speculation. Properly operating and maintaining any building makes the building more comfortable and efficient and results in lower overall operating costs. Whether you are purchasing a building or trying to correct a building with existing problems we can help to assure that you will get the most from your investment. I invite you to browse our site to learn more about the specialized and unique services we offer. These are services you will not get by hiring specialty contractors that evaluate problems with a bias toward the services and products they sell. When hiring a company to assess your building, ask yourself this question..."if my contractor is an HVAC contractor, what are the chances that I will be told my windows or insulation are the reason for high energy costs"? It has been our experience that the majority of the time the answer is no. You would be told your mechanical systems need repair and/or replacement. It is this bias that we have built our company services around. We can evaluate and assess your building "holistically" without the bias of a specialty contractor. Giving you the facts about your building and your options is our ONLY BUSINESS.

C.L.I. Group, LLC always works with the best interests of our clients in mind. We have no hidden agenda and no conflicts of interest. We believe that there is only one way to assure the condition, operation or retrofitting options for any building and that is through Independent Third Party Testing & Verification. Our unique services do not leave questions. We will measure the performance of your building using state of the art equipment which is traceable to the N.I.S.T. to assure accuracy. This allows for decisions to be based on fact rather than fiction. We believe in Measured Results. Our motto is simple " If We Achieve Results, You Achieve Performance". This commitment to being independent allows us to make decisions and offer opinions which are based on the performance of your building rather than on a potential sale.

Please call us if you require the assistance of a fully competent building science, indoor air quality or energy consulting company.



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