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If you are in the process of buying a home it is a wise decision to have the home inspected by an independent, qualified inspector. ait is important that you hire an inspector that you feel comfortable with and have confidence in. During the inspection, your inspector will be evaluating all of the integrated systems which make up the home from foundation to roof and all components in-between. CLI Group encourages all of our customers to play an active role in their inspection. Ask your inspector if you have any questions or concerns and bring along a notebook to jot down any pertinent information (e.g. locations of main disconnects and shut-off valves). A good inspector will make your inspection a learning experience so that you feel more comfortable with your home when the inspection is over. The inspector will point out the good quality items in the home and also any significant defects which are discovered.

If any major defects or safety issues are discovered during your inspection, the inspector will take the time to explain how significant the defect is and the potential costs to correct it. Keep in mind that all homes are made up of numerous components and many of those components wear out on a predictable basis. These items should be looked at as home maintenance as opposed to defects.The inspector will discuss the age of these systems and the life expectancy for similar systems so you will not have any surprises after taking possession of the home. If any major defects are noted, they will be thoroughly explained so that you fully understand the significance of the defect and what it means to the building. Some defects can be easily remedied, while some others will require significant time and money to correct. You will be issued a full, in-depth report detailing the findings of the inspection. You will also be provided with written information on any systems or other items which your inspector feels would be beneficial.

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