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Take a look through our Pinterest pages. We try to share what we feel are the most creative ideas for improving the performance of your home. Be advised that even though many of the ideas are workable, you may still require professional help to assure success. As stated throughout our web site, it is important to ALWAYS remember that buildings work as an integrated system. When changes are made to any one of those integrated components, it will affect the other components. These changes could create significant concerns relating to both the structure and the health and safety of the occupants. It is helpful when considering upgrading a building or home to sit down with your design team and understand the significance of any changes you are considering.   

When performing remodeling around the home, please be sure to fully understand what it is you are going to be doing and what changes you will be making. If there are electrical connections, outlets, etc. which need to be installed or changed you may want to consult with a professional. CLI Group offers energy upgrade specialized services such as infiltration testing, duct testing and air balancing for mechanical systems. We also offer Indoor Air Quality services performed by a Board Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) and Indoor Air Quality Manager (CIAQM). We have also  successfully performed IAQ testing for several area LEED Certified  projects.

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