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  • Building Commissioning Process Management (ASHRAE Certified CPMP)

  • LEED™ Project Management & Consulting (LEED AP's)

  • Building Leakage Investigations and Remedial Plans

  • Thermal Imaging (Infrared Thermography)

  • Building Enclosure, Waterproofing and Sealant Evaluations/Commissioning

  • Plan Reviews

  • Commercial Building Inspections (ASTM E-2018 Property Condition Assessments)

  • Field Audits (Define potential problems during construction)

  • Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS)/Manufactured Stone Assessments/Thermography

  • Schools (TFS implementation, IAQ Management Plans, Training Programs)

  • Building Science, Forensic Building Investigations

  • Water Damage Investigation, Mold & Other Biologicals, Consulting (IICRC S500, IICRC520)

  • Waterproofing Evaluations (above/below grade, roofs, plaza decks, etc.)

  • Remediation Plan Development & Oversight

  • Indoor Air Quality Management Plans & Surveys

  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments & Monitoring (Board Certified IAQ Manager, Indoor Environmental Consultant)

  • Carbon Monoxide/Combustion Analysis & Diagnostics (NCI Certified)

  • VOC Testing (EPA Methods)

  • LEED IAQ Testing (EQ Cr. 3.2 Option B)

  • Infrared Thermography Building Envelope & Roof Surveys

  • In-Situ & Calcium Chloride Moisture Testing (Concrete moisture testing before floor applications)

  • Expert Documentation, Reporting & Testimony

  • Construction Oversight, Management and Progress Reports



Specialty Services

Energy Related Services

  • LEED (EB; NC) Consulting (LEED Accredited Professionals)

  • Green/Sustainable Building  

  • Blower Door Services (Multi-Point Evaluations)

  • Thermal Boundary Evaluations

  • TAB Services (Test & Balance)

  • Building Pressure Diagnostics (Worst Case De-Pressurization Monitoring, Pressure Mapping, Zone Diagnostics)

  • Energy Audits & Consulting

  • Residential Energy Audits (More intensive than a Home Energy Rating)

  • ICC Compliance Certificates (ResCheck / ComCheck) for Builders (ICC Certified Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner)

  • Thermal Imaging, Non-Destructive Moisture Assessments (Infrared Thermography)

  • Illumination Evaluations (IESNA)

HVAC Services (Review) OH Licensed

  • Original Design Intent vs. What is Currently in Place.

  • Thermal Comfort Evaluations (ASHRAE 55)

  • Ventilation Evaluations (ASHRAE 62.1)

  • Current Building and Occupant Requirements.

  • System Age, Type, Size, etc. Total Data Retrieval, Along with Areas Served.

  • Current System Estimated Operating Efficiency (Delivered btu’s to the Spaces) vs Rated Capacity.

  • System Sequences of Operation.

  • Maintenance History, Costs, Records.

  • Control or Zoning Strategies, if any.

  • HVAC System Balancing & Diagnostics (NBI Certified)  

  • Proper Measurement of Airflow to See if System is Suffering Problems That are Related to Improper Airflow (common).

  • Carbon Monoxide/Combustion Analysis & Diagnostics (NCI Certified)

  • Independent third party verification of installations and performance (if you have had a system installed and the contractor that installed the system also offered blower door services or other verification you should consider independent verification)

Please take a minute to browse through our Flipboards. We have developed several on various subjects including Real Estate and Inspections, Lighting & Controls, Building Commissioning and Building Problems and Defects. The Flipboards are loaded with information on all of the mentioned subjects and can be a great source of information if you are buying or selling a home, remodeling, have concerns about your indoor air and other subjects. If you are in the business of real estate, building, air quality, etc. please consider signing up to be a contributor to one of our boards.

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